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Our CEO, Rory Moore, and CTO, Sean O'Reilly demo Innovation Cafe at FinovateEurope 2014!
Jay van Zyl with Bruce Whitfield on Innovation
Rory Moore discusses the Innovation Cafe and the future of innovation business with Innovation Cafe
Rory Moore discussing Gibs course: Delivering on innovation mandate


The Impact of Social Network Platforms

Online social networks have impacted how people share information about themselves, their friends, lives, demographics, likes and dislikes and opinions more interactively. Within this dynamic online social world, individuals have become comfortable and progressive in engaging peers, family members, interest groups and organisations in the way they share information, ideas, advice, opinions, and interests with individ
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FinovateFall 2013 – What’s all the fuss about?

Innovation Agency is preparing to once again take the long walk to FinovateFall. Finovate is an exclusive showcasing event that provides opportunities for a multitude of companies to showcase their patented banking and financial services technology. What are the benefits these opportunities provide? We felt it might be useful to take a look at a few of the companies that have presented at this prestigious event in th
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Why every company with interests in the financial services industry needs to make their way to FinovateFall 2013

Finovate is a world class event that gives companies who have an interest or stake in the future of financial technology and banking the platform to showcase their groundbreaking technology. Many large established companies such as Amazon, American Express, Bain Capital Ventures, and Bank of America attend Finovate, including smaller companies. Over 1200 leading financial executives, venture capitalists, press, indus
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A comparison of how innovation is practised in product and service industries

In every industry, the main challenge for companies is to do better than their competitor. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult as products and services are so similar that it is not an easy task to differentiate one brand’s product/service from the next. This problem forces companies to turn to the only remaining solution…innovation. Innovation can take many forms and is applied differently in the
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Finovate – Future financial technologies, now

Finovate is a 2-day demonstration-based conference event that aims to showcase the best and upcoming financial and banking technologies from around the world. The event is hosted quarterly in different locations across the globe, and is organised by The Finovate Group (a research firm based in Seattle, Washington) which is focused on financial and banking technologies. The first Finovate conference was hosted in 2007
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Youth perceptions and adoption of innovation

Innovation in the financial services sector has taken on numerous changes in the South African and African contexts; we have seen an influx of innovative products and services across the continent. The purpose of this article is to gauge the speed at which the youth adopt these new technologies and innovations; we also want to understand the underlying perceptions behind innovation. Recent innovations have centered o
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Battle of the financial services in South Africa

Research undertaken over the last few years indicates a shift in thinking on the parts of banks when looking at building their client base. Banks have formulated strategies targeted at the youth. What does this mean for the financial services sector? Banks have come to realise that by targeting the youth and capturing that market, long term rewards are gained, these rewards include long term clients and increased cus
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A comparison of account switching between the youth and more mature markets

The banking industry is a dynamic one, and with so many product choices for customers to choose from, this results in high competition amongst financial providers. Innovation Agency took to the task of conducting an innovation study to evaluate what customers thought to be innovative banking and to find out if they had switched banks in the last twelve months. The study showed that 15% of the youth (aged 18-35) had s
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Top five reasons for rating a bank as innovative

Innovation Agency took to the task of collecting research on innovation in the South African banking industry. Information was collected through surveys which were done on bank customers of all ages, with primary focus on the youth (18- 35) of South Africa. The survey was based on innovation and how respondents perceive innovation, within the banking industry. Many questions were asked in the survey, and a very impor
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