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Our CEO, Rory Moore, and CTO, Sean O'Reilly demo Innovation Cafe at FinovateEurope 2014!
Jay van Zyl with Bruce Whitfield on Innovation
Rory Moore discusses the Innovation Cafe and the future of innovation business with Innovation Cafe
Rory Moore discussing Gibs course: Delivering on innovation mandate


Banking on Innovation

For banks its a continuous grapple with the reinvention of products, processes and operating models. The complexity of collaboration across the organization combined with an already complex set of technologies in these institutions means they require more effective and efficient innovation approaches. For banks running innovation campaigns the influx of ideas can often overwhelm the ability to differentiate between t
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Innovation Alignment

Running innovation initiatives in isolation often yields short term successes due to the unencumbered nature of the approach and freeness from legacy systems and constraints. Yet all too often this short term success is quickly overshadowed by major difficulties in long term sustainability. As the innovation initiative matures and the organization attempts to leverage economies of scale through large scale adoption t
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The Shadow Organization

Formal organizational structures exist predominantly in order for people to better understand how tasks are delegated. Everyone understands that work is typically delegated down the organizational structure, however, work is then completed, ideas shared and problems solved across the organization. We call these social problem-solving networks the ‘shadow organisation’. When analyzed and monitored well, this shadow or
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Leveraging networks inside organizations

As a consequence of the shift caused by social networking, there has been a spill-over into organizations. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Linked-In, to mention a few, have begun to blur the previously stark lines that existed between our work and personal lives in ways unimagined. Furthermore, many organizations have recognized the power of social mediums to communicate and interact strat
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The Impact of Social Network Platforms

Online social networks have impacted how people share information about themselves, their friends, lives, demographics, likes and dislikes and opinions more interactively. Within this dynamic online social world, individuals have become comfortable and progressive in engaging peers, family members, interest groups and organisations in the way they share information, ideas, advice, opinions, and interests with individ
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