Location-Based Loyalty

Location-based Loyalty App improves experience for customers and merchants

Loyalty and rewards programs have been one dimensional since inception with the basic idea being to incentivize people through attractive offerings. This has become increasingly harder to do in an era of unprecedented access to competitive information and a wider variety of choices.

A smarter way of approaching loyalty and rewards is to present valuable offers to customers based on their location. This allows you to send appropriate offers at appropriate times when customers are best positioned to take advantage of them.  

Innovation agency developed the Amex location-based loyalty mobile application aimed to promote more active use of the American Express credit card for major purchases, by presenting cardholders with exciting offers near them as they changed locations and made their way through their daily retail experience. 

Photo by Aelice_/iStock / Getty Images

The mobile app lets shoppers check-in on their devices through geo-location and explore nearby offers based on what stores they’re close to. It enticed cardholders not only to make active use of their American Express card and the loyalty app but also explore more distant and diverse retail locations.

The location based loyalty app resulted in an 80% increase in American Express card presentation at stores in just 3 months!  It excelled at making loyalty an interactive process again, and encouraging consumers to engage more actively in the physical retail environment, in response to e-commerce’s increasing share of retail purchases in the UK.