Bounty Driven Participation

We helped our client increase the quality of ideas and participation in innovation activity

Getting employees to participate in innovation initiatives can often be as challenging as finding the right the ideas. The main obstacles lie in getting staff to overcome their apathy towards new innovation processes and convincing them to take time out from their daily duties to engage with the platform. Organisations often try to solve this issue by instituting annual rewards or bonuses for contributors. But this can seem distant and unachievable for ordinary employees and stimulate unhealthy competition, where staff can resist cooperation.

Photo by Rawpixel Ltd/iStock / Getty Images

To address this barrier to open innovation and drive holistic participation, which emphasizes collaboration, Innovation Agency designed and developed a gamification and bounties concept within our platform.

The gamificiation concept involves an engagement-based achievement system where user are recognised not only for contributing activities but also for collaborating with others. This badge system promotes a healthier and more sincere approach to open innovation, where input can be socialised effectively rather than users all competing for positive evaluations.

To further reinforce this strategy and identity practical solutions to business challenges, the Bounties concept emphasises many smaller rewards in shorter time frames, giving the platform broader appeal throughout an organisation, rather than merely attracting innovators.  The bounties reward multiple participants within a campaign and are effective at making participation more equitable, by incentivising not just ideation but also collaboration and structured feedback.

While incentive systems can be a very effective way to drive up participation in initiatives, gamification also simultaneously succeeded in shaping the quality of this participation. And while fun and engaging for the user, these inclusive, social-based systems are vital in ensuring well-rounded participation in innovation crowdsourcing, as well as finding the right idea for execution, rather than just emptily crowning the best one of the competition.  

Here were the results just 3 week after introducing this gamification system:

·       Ideas went up from 487 to 2 163

·       Comments rose from 152 to 6 026

·       Voting increased tenfold, from 1 198 to 12 246