The World’s Most Innovative Bank

FNB Voted World’s Most Innovative Bank 2012

Ideas. Everyone has them. Not everyone does something about them. We’ve moved into an era where coming up with ideas is easier but implementing them is harder. In order to overcome this challenge, we designed an innovation platform for FNB that allowed people to share and collaborate on a massive scale.

The design emphasized informal interaction and promoted a culture of sharing.  As an innovator I can socialize my idea and promote it through my network. This transparency and visibility was counterintuitive but allowed ideas to go viral for more quickly which reduced the potential of it them being blocked by unprogressive managers. The platform provides an intuitive, real-time environment for community participation around ideas.

As a result, in 2012, FNB was awarded the World's Most Innovative Bank from the BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards and Innovation Agency was proud to play a strong supporting role in this achievement. FNB has empowered their thousands of people enabled each one of them to become an innovator in their own right. As a result we have helped turn 30 000 employees into 30 000 innovators.

FNB is proud of the fact that innovation fosters collaboration between colleagues and improves risk- taking in the organization. Since the innovation programs launch in 2004, it has been responsible for over 9000 fully implemented innovations, which included its groundbreaking eWallet system and its FNB Banking app for mobile.