The World's Most Respected African Bank

The best innovation happens in the Basement

Access Bank aims to become the world's most respected African bank. Innovation Agency designed an innovation program to match their ambition.

Access Bank has transformed from an obscure Nigerian Bank into a world class African financial institution, and in doing so setting standards for sustainable business practices that unleash the talents of their employees, deliver superior value to their customers and provide innovative solutions for the markets and communities they serve. 

Innovation Agency designed the Basement innovation platform and program with a focus on unleashing the potential of Access Bank's employees. The Basement provided an opportunity for every single person to share their ideas, collaborate with their peers and engage with the community.

The Basement provided a space for people to share their ideas and progress them through implementation. A deceptively simple three step process provided an ideal mechanism to progress ideas that had potential. These three steps overcame the main innovation bottlenecks by using specific techniques at key chokepoints to promote idea progression.

The Basement was underpinned by four key objectives that together provided a powerful platform for growth and potential. Usually targeted individually, they were cleverly integrated in a unique manner that enabled the entire community to participate and engage in building Access Bank's competitive advantage.


With two successful campaigns completed and immediate financial benefit realised,  The Basement has assisted Access Bank in developing a rich culture of innovation in the journey to becoming the world's most respected African bank.