Building Africa's Innovation Firm

Dare to dream

Audrey Mothupi is currently the Chief Executive Officer of SystemicLogic Group. A global research, innovation and digital technology firm with a demonstrable track record across Africa proffering shovel ready solutions to clients in various sectors. Innovation Agency is proud to be a part of the SystemicLogic Group.

"We have the power to change lives and together we can continue to uplift our beautiful continent"  


Excellence – There is nothing too big, too small or impossible. I have my mother to thank for always reminding us that ‘if you are not going to do something right the first time don’t bother’. This defined my past, current and constant pursuit for excellence in everything I do. The joy that comes from seeing the results makes it all worthwhile.

Humility – Firstly, there is no better way than approaching everything with humility. What I know for sure is that everything I am today is because of all the amazing people I met along the way who made time to teach / coach / challenge and even critic what I did, and for that I will always pay it forward.

Passion – Dare to dream!! I love life but more important is being passionate about what you do that drives your vision and sets a sense of purpose in a seamless manner. Without passion for what I do and who I am, I would not have tapped into my creative self or boldly took on challenges that seemed impossible.