innovation agency is an Award winning innovation firm delivering real results.

We are in the business of bridging the gap between ideas and implementation. It's the dark side of innovation. What sets you apart is your pace of turning your best ideas into implemented innovations. What sets us apart is our ability to help you unlock this. 

Innovation Design

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Incubators and Accelerators

Business incubators are the lifeline of innovation, especially in social settings where support for startup businesses is limited. This is why we are passionate about helping to nurture SME's from the critical yet delicate early stages, until they are thriving enterprises redefining their industries. Our business incubator services are best suited if you are: 

  • An established business looking to develop a product incubator within your organisation to fast-track product innovations; 
  • A startup looking to turn your idea or small business into a successful, sustainable enterprise;
  • Seeking to enlist to our world-class incubator programme, giving you access to incubator practices, which we have expertly applied in the South African market, and can expand to other African contexts. 

Innovation Design Consulting

Let us advise you on how to take your good idea and turn it into a great idea with true commercial potential. We can help you with Market research, business plan development.
Are you sitting on a brilliant idea or design but lack the capability to develop it into a highly resolved, working prototype which can be used to test with users or to pitch to investors? Let our team of designers, engineers, technologists and highly trained ‘makers’ bring your idea into life.

Workshops on Innovation Design Thinking

Are you looking to transform your company and upskill your employees by exposing them to Innovation Design Thinking skills and Methodologies such as Research, Ideation and Implementation techniques? We can help you through our highly focused and engaging practical workshops

Innovation Brand

Innovation Brand Building

Innovation brands are valuable business assets. We build a strategic and innovative foundation for the innovation by clearly defining their purpose, identity and outcomes.

Innovation Activation

Through strategic planning, technology platforms, and internal engagement, we bring a brand experience to market and strengthen internal marketing and brand management capabilities.

Innovation Strategy

You’re pioneering and daring to look beyond tomorrow. But an uncertain landscape can be daunting to navigate. We’ll develop a holistic view of the innovation landscape and co-create an innovation strategy that is tailored to your unique circumstances. Our network perspective will give you unique insights into the innovation ecosystem.

We help create powerful alignment around your strategic objectives and develop an innovation roadmap focused on benefits realization. We’ll identify your organization’s innovation strengths and weaknesses across a range of dimensions. Ultimately, we’ll craft an innovation strategy that is enabled by leaders and embraced by everyone. The future is uncertain – but a strong innovation strategy allows you to boldly embrace the future.

Accelerated Interventions

We help you to explore ideas, develop solutions and capitalize on opportunities in unique and powerful ways. Facilitated by inspirational speakers from around the world, fast-tracking idea generation and decision-making. You can compress months of effort into days – gaining fresh insights and better business outcomes.

We help you develop insights and solve pressing organizational problems over a matter of days as opposed to months or even years.  We unlock the creative and problem solving potential of your people by designing and building engaging environments that facilitate creative solutions. You are actively involved in shaping the future of your organization. We accelerate your ambition.

Innovation Academy

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You’ve invested in innovation but it’s happening sporadically or in pockets. Complexity is preventing you from moving forward. It’s difficult to see how it all comes together for an exciting future.

We develop your organization’s ability to contribute to the innovation initiative through targeted interventions designed to ensure organizational alignment to your strategic objectives. Our extensive experience in injecting energy into the organization and mobilizing the community ensures that the best possible result is achieved.

We’ll help you take a holistic view and align your innovation initiatives to your strategic goals while building an efficient delivery capability. You’ll develop new insights and start seeing things you never thought possible. You’ll collaborate and become more intuitive and responsive. We’ll break down organizational silos and introduce new ways of collaborating.  We’re obsessed with benefits so we drive for early results. Because ultimately we’re invested in unlocking your innovation potential.

Innovation Agency has helped accomplish over 200 of its partners’ major innovation goals. They inspire everyone to care about their ideas.
— Rory Moore


  • 2015 : CIO Most Promising Company
  • 2014 : ABTEC Bahrain
  • 2014 : Finovate London
  • 2013 : TT100
  • 2013 : Finovate New York
  • 2013 : BAI Finnacle Most Innovative Inclusive Bank
  • 2012 : BAI Finnacle Most Innovative Bank
  • 2012 : Finovate Singapore